Q1: What is Shipvago?

A: Shipvago is a platform focusing on addressing painpoints of ocean freight market in visibility and manual works by API technology, automation and Artificial intelligence.

Q2: Who can subscribe Shipvago?

A: We welcome both freight forwarders and actual cargo owners subscribing our services.

Q3: How to join Shipvago?

A: You can join Shipvago by registered as a free subscription or contact us at info@shipvago.net for premium service

Q4: What can Shipvago help?

A: Shipvago is aiming at removing inefficiencies in shipping and logistics industry. The first step is to enhance the experience in freight rate search and will move further on the trend analysis to support decision making.

Please write to us at info@shipvago.net if you want to an expert to work with you to improve the process.

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